Wood Wallet / Money clip & how I find these projects

So you may be wondering how I am finding these projects to highlight. The answer is you! Yes, most of my posts come from the projects my friends back as well as ones shared with me through connections. It does not mean I will write about each of them. The chances are high because my friends are an incredible collection of innovative folks themselves. I also will be highlighting projects some of them hopefully will start. Probably the least favorite method is scanning the latest projects. Why is this my least favorite? For the most part the projects are boring and lifeless. But then again that is why I started Flurry’s Pick, so you wouldn’t have to look far for your next investment.

So today’s pick is one backed by my good friends Justin and Jon of Catalytix. Innovative wallets are something I love. My personal favorite is the ID Wallet by Saddleback. I think it will be the last wallet I will ever buy. The Wood Wallet by I Want Proof is both innovative and fun.

Find out more about the Wood Wallet on their Kickstarter page