Two Left Feet: Learning to dance to learn about everything else

It has been a while since my last pick. Why? Well after backing 42 Kickstarters in 8 categories I had to take a break and meet some personal finance goals. Also with a limited backing spend I have become more discerning when picking my recommendations. But this latest pick got me inspired to once again scan for great projects.

A quick disclaimer. This project was launched by my wonderful niece, Heather Walters. Now that you know that, also know she is an incredible actor, artist, writer and risk taker. And I can tell you she ships the projects she starts.

When I look at a project to back I ask a few key questions. Here are a few.

  • Does their project evoke inspiration for others to self-publish, innovate, create art, make a life change, take a risk?
  • Have they already showed proof they can deliver (previous successful projects, shown promise in their craft already?
  • Do they have a tribe of believers behind them?

Heather meets all of them.

Ok, one last note before you go. I love Heather’s subject, learning dancing for the mere purpose of finding what the art can show her about life. I recently wrote a post called White-Washing the Canvas. In the post I urge others to do art for art sake. Do it to share beauty, learn more about life, explore and risk. Her book project fits that message so well. Personally I want to read it. You will too.