The Kinkajou Bottle Cutter

Ok, I instantly fell in love with this project because I’m a micro brew nut. Plus living in the NW United States I have the opportunity to enjoy plenty of them. I also live in the heart of wine country. Having all these great beverage crafts nearby means I also have many bottles. Seeing Patrick’s glass collection made me want to make mine and even give some away to friends who share my passion.

So say no to boring drink glasses.

Find out more at Patrick’s Kickstarter page and at

  • Patrick Lehoux

    Thanks for the blog pick up.
    I hope I can reach my goal because I really want to get the kinkajou out
    there. I think once people get it in their hands they will fall in love with bottle

    • John Bergquist

      I agree Patrick. Your idea is awesome. Here is to raising a kinkajou cut glass to success eh!?