The count down: Try iOS: iPhone App Development Course

Yesterday I was cruising round Kickstarter looking for something to feature and I came across Try iOS: iPhone App Development Course.  This is a really cool project that has now been successfully funded (in a big way). They are going to make an iOS development course that is both stylish and useful to the masses. I really liked their message delivery. I would watch these guys for future projects as well. I think they will not only deliver the current promise but many more in the future.

What really was fun though was that the very moment I checked their page out the project was in the final moments of the funding period.  This meant that Kickstarter went from minutes left to an actual second count down in real time on the page. I gathered my co-conspirators in the Soma Games/Code-Monkey shop together and we watched it tick away like the launch of an Apollo mission.

This illustrates the very frontier, exploration, and entrepreneurial spirit of Kickstarter. We get to as a community cheer on and celebrate with those that succeed as well as grieve, cry and critic those that don’t. And I love it for that.


  • Eric Allam

    Thanks for the write up on our project! I couldn’t believe when it switched to the seconds countdown. I’m pretty sure I had an out of body experience 🙂

    It was a wild ride. Can’t wait to release this thing.

    • John Bergquist

      Thanks for stopping by Eric. It was a pretty cool moment for me so I know it was really cool for you. As a professional app dev I really appreciate what you are doing with this project. I can’t wait to see it shipped.