Steampunk Alphabet from Nat Iwata

This feature is one I have been wanting to talk about for a while. At first it was secret and I had to be gagged. I also need to give a small disclaimer. Nat is one of my best friends as well as a co-director at Soma Games & Code-Monkeys (he is our art director).

He is one of those creatives that amazes us with artistic skills any time they take up pen, brush or stylus. I delight in every new creation he makes, be it a user interface texture or a space-ship.

Nat told me about his other project first and I was actually surprised to find out that he had this one up his sleeve.

Nat also has taken to social business extremely well, even scoring an interview on Krypton Radio. He finally understands what my job entails in communications and social media. I have to say though that he comes to it naturally. He is a real pro when it comes to the thank you economy.

Right now Nat is over the hump having gained more than half his funding with 16 days still left to go.


Ok, I will stop blabbing and let you check out Nat’s incredible art (and wit).

You can engage with him on twitter at @natiwata and on his website