Wood Wallet / Money clip & how I find these projects

So you may be wondering how I am finding these projects to highlight. The answer is you! Yes, most of my posts come from the projects my friends back as well as ones shared with me through connections. It does not mean I will write about each of them. The chances are high because my friends are an incredible collection of innovative folks themselves. I also will be highlighting projects some of them hopefully will start. Probably the least favorite method is scanning the latest projects. Why is this my least favorite? For the most part the projects are boring and lifeless. But then again that is why I started Flurry’s Pick, so you wouldn’t have to look far for your next investment.

So today’s pick is one backed by my good friends Justin and Jon of Catalytix. Innovative wallets are something I love. My personal favorite is the ID Wallet by Saddleback. I think it will be the last wallet I will ever buy. The Wood Wallet by I Want Proof is both innovative and fun.

Find out more about the Wood Wallet on their Kickstarter page

Mustang Magic Film: Think friday night lights meets dead poets

After searching this morning (and I will be honest here. There is a lot of “not so great”), I ran across a film that I would love to see. It feels like part Dead Poets society and Hoosiers. Mustang Magic documents both the elements and story of a time when a small town high school basketball team both brought together and inspired a small town community. Now, anyone who knows me knows that I was not a team sports guy growing up. I was the guy you picked to confuse the other team with my clumsiness. But sports films like Money Ball and Friday Night Lights have facinated and moved me over the years. I think this team has what it takes to tell a compelling story and add to that legacy.

Read a watch more on the Mustang Madness Kickstarter page.

Oh and just a note to kickstarters. If you don’t have a video on your page It is unlikely I will notice you. It is a good chance others won’t either.

Film: My Father is a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Iv’e allways been a fan of quirky films but this line caught my attention “a comedic drama about the struggles of a young man who thinks he’s been given the worst lot in life, but has a lot to learn.” Boy, couldn’t that be any of our stories.

This short film showing the “test” of the full feature film was good enough to win an award in and of itself. I believe that talented Mr. Philip Heinrich can pull it off.

Check out the Kickstarter site and see for yourself.

Kinder Bard: Music, Shakespeare and passion

I met Daeshin Kim as a fellow blogger through the Happy Birthday Shakespeare project.  We had both blogged about the impact the Bard’s works have had on us. Daeshin though has taken that passion to a much greater level. As a parent and a tech evangelist I was instantly intrigued by Kim’s Kickstarter. Having worked on a unique children’s iPad book myself, I know how much work goes into something like this. Here is to hoping Kinder Bard makes it’s goal.

Find out more on Kinder Bard’s Kickstart page as well as their home page.

The Kinkajou Bottle Cutter

Ok, I instantly fell in love with this project because I’m a micro brew nut. Plus living in the NW United States I have the opportunity to enjoy plenty of them. I also live in the heart of wine country. Having all these great beverage crafts nearby means I also have many bottles. Seeing Patrick’s glass collection made me want to make mine and even give some away to friends who share my passion.

So say no to boring drink glasses.

Find out more at Patrick’s Kickstarter page and at thekinkajou.com

Tropes vs. Women in Video Games: Funded and above!

So, yes this project by Anita Sarkeesian has been funded (and lets just say a bit beyond what she asked for, wow). First, I am a video game developer, so I of course I would pick this project. But really all of us should be watching Anita’s work. As a dad and husband I am continually disturbed by how our so-called modern society perpetuates sexist and misogynous portrayals of women in the media. Anita has done a great job exposing this in the popular media and no plans to take that into video games. Find out about her other projects and look forward to Tropes vs. Women in Video Games.

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