Only hours to go: Animals From History

This morning I was thinking a lot about Kickstarter projects that come close to funding but never get that push over the top. Seth Godin in his latest post on The Domino Project talks about how we vote for winners. If they fail our money never gets withdrawn. I back projects based on appearance (did they pitch well), their capability to deliver what they promise and of course ones that are making a product I really want.

Today’s pick found via Nat Iwata’s Tweet (Thanks Nat) is one I really hope makes that final push in the remaining hours. Christina Hess has proven she can paint the animals she will publish and her pitch is solid. Plus the Braveheart dog just rocks.

Find out more on her Kickstarter page for Animals From History

A First Robotics Memorabilia Card Deck

I had the opportunity to be a VIP at the Oregon First Robotics competition held in Portland, Oregon earlier this spring. Our company is partnering with them in some innovative ways to raise awareness and funds. I was so impressed by the kids competing as we toured the staging areas. Each team we met was extremely professional. These kids have everything they need to succeed.  The card deck idea is a great idea for anyone involved from parents, mentors or participants to remember all the fun, learning, and growth that leads to their successes.

Find out all about the project on the Kickstarter page. (I am hoping a video is included soon…hint hint)

Just because it is fun to watch: OUYA

As promised I get my picks often based on friend referrals. And this one is full of controversy. My film making friend Sean Brown shared this crazy story with me while we were planning a Kickstarter film this morning. Then my lead programmer Gavin Nichols mentioned it too. $3,000,000 and counting with 28 days to go. Wow!

Kotaku has a great summation of the challenge they face even with $3 million and counting. Kickstarter has given us a whole new world indeed.

Great assets go a long way: Telikos Protocol

This project has great art, story, and it is all delivered well in the kickstarter video. Telikos Protocal first caught my eye with their still image (one of the most important aspects of a successful launch).  I found them on the featured page but what  made me click through and eventually back was their pitch and compelling storyline.

Find out more on the Telikos Protocol Kickstarter page.   And follow them at @telikosprotocol.


Steampunk Alphabet from Nat Iwata

This feature is one I have been wanting to talk about for a while. At first it was secret and I had to be gagged. I also need to give a small disclaimer. Nat is one of my best friends as well as a co-director at Soma Games & Code-Monkeys (he is our art director).

He is one of those creatives that amazes us with artistic skills any time they take up pen, brush or stylus. I delight in every new creation he makes, be it a user interface texture or a space-ship.

Nat told me about his other project first and I was actually surprised to find out that he had this one up his sleeve.

Nat also has taken to social business extremely well, even scoring an interview on Krypton Radio. He finally understands what my job entails in communications and social media. I have to say though that he comes to it naturally. He is a real pro when it comes to the thank you economy.

Right now Nat is over the hump having gained more than half his funding with 16 days still left to go.


Ok, I will stop blabbing and let you check out Nat’s incredible art (and wit).

You can engage with him on twitter at @natiwata and on his website

The First Wish of My Heart …and more children’s books

One category that I keep my eye on in Kickstarter is children’s books. Primarily because I love children’s books. Raising my kiddos I have enjoyed reading great titles as much as they have.

Over the last few weeks I have seen several projects surface that warrant attention. Here are just a few. Oh and one that I featured earlier has reached “funded” state, Kinder Bard: Music, Shakespeare and passion. Way to go!

Dandelion – “Bullying is for people with no imagination…”


The First Wish of My Heart

Trioh! The world’s most beautiful flashlight

This morning Nat Iwata shared on Facebook a project on Kickstarter aimed at creating a product I have been looking for and from a person located near me in Portland, Oregon. How many of us have had the lights go out leaving us in the pitch dark? Greg Hinzmann is not only solving that problem but is making a flashlight that won’t be lost in your drawer or end up in your hand powerless from dead batteries. Greg has been designing products for some of the greatest brands today but now wants to bring his own to market.

Find out more on Greg’s Kickstarter Trioh! page.

tPOD1 – thermoelectric Power On Demand

And there was light and thanks to Nat Iwata for shedding light on this Kickstarter. Recently we had a power outage that lasted almost all night. While we had candles and plenty of battery powered flashlights I can only imagine how old it would get if we went without power for longer. Beyond the practicality I really like the simple approach of the tPOD1 team in presenting their product and pitch.

You can find out more on the tPOD1 – thermoelectric Power On Demand Kickstarter page.

I’m Fine,Thanks by Crank Tank Studios

As promised, I find remarkable projects through you my tribe. Jon Dale and Justin Lukasavige sent me a note when I launched Flurry’s Pick saying I should highlight I’m Fine, Thanks by Crank Tank Studio. I planned to but some other ones were stacking up, ones that need some immediate attention. Then one by one my friends started backing it. I finally got around to watching the trailer. Wow! So much of my story in there. So with only a few hours left and all their backing goals made, I am still highlighting as well as backing them because I think they are a great example of the power of crowd funding. Way to go guys!

Find out more on their Kickstarter page

The Harvard Fellow: one success follows another

Confidence plays a big role in how I not only pick a project here but even more so when I fund one. Confidence is evident in a project when we can see that the parties involved have succeeded before. The pitch is so much easier when something says, “hey I did this and it went really well”.

This morning I was scanning twitter for mentions of @KickStarter and came across The Harvard Fellows Documentary project. Having succeeded in making a successful documentary, Kenneth Price sets out to make another. This time he will follow the Hip-Hop artist 9th wonder as he teaches a year at Harvard.

Find out more at Harvard Fellows Kickstarter page.

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