Knock-knock by Ice-Pick Lodge

Today I was looking specifically for a video game project to highlight.  I get to see many game ideas come and go since I am a game developer myself. We get pitches everyday.

As I searched, one caught my attention mainly because I loved the art. The project is filled with mystery, great art and a compelling story that just touches on enough of the theme to make you want more.  I really liked how the studio highlighted everyone in their shop in the video and used them to express some element of the game they are working on.

Of course I have been thinking way more about these things than most because next Wednesday my team at Code-Monkeys will be launching our own game Kickstarter. I will post more on that next week. In the meantime you can see our “making of” video we shot while shooting the cinematic portion of our Kickstarter video.

Check out  Knock-knock and see what they are making.