Hirelings: The Ascent

I depend on Gavin Nichols for my day to day “what is hot in gaming news”. Gavin is currently the lead programmer on our latest game Wind Up Football. For nearly two years now Gavin has been my Obi-Wan in the game industry. In the ever changing atmosphere where I have to keep up on the latest gadgets, games and nuances, Gavin comes through with what I really need to be paying attention to. You can find him on twitter at @radiago.

Yesterday Gavin skyped me a link to Hirelings. The video is hilarious and the game concept is brilliant. I just finished reading The Princess Bride with my family and my favorite characters have to be the two hirelings Fezzik and Inigo. The Game Hirelings takes your favorite sherpas of the gaming world and makes them into the focus of a great game. They only have 9 days left so get in on the action while you can.