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Starting right: Our Bar On Kickstarter

I have this issue. I cannot go into a bar, restaurant or resort without seeing blindspots as well as bright spots. By that I mean areas where the owners are taking advantage or missing golden opportunities to connect with customers and deliver something truly remarkable. Partly my parents are to blame. I was born into the service industry. And my parents both are experts at it. Food and hospitality are unique in that your customers actually spend a considerable amount of time in your business. That translates to your service leaving a lasting great or horrible impression.

This morning Kickstarter featured a local Portland area (Washougal, Wa) highlight that I fell in love with. Kevin Credelle & Alex Yost are starting something with both the intent and delivery that I believe will make them succeed. If you are curious, please go watch the Our Bar video and try to see why I say this.

Recently I started watching Bar Rescue. It is a crazy look at some of the worst failing establishments in the world. I don’t completely agree with the host’s yelling but he is spot on with every tweak he makes to help the owners turn around their businesses. I think he would smile at Kevin and Alex’s plans. I can’t wait to share a pint with friends when they open their door.

The Gamers Hands of Fate

This week is gamers week. I am from time to time going to feature specific categories from Kickstarter. And by that I mean I will at one time or another feature every category….even dance.

Ok, back to this weeks feature.

This is a great project that has so many incredible gamer community elements. The Gamers series started as just a college project but now has millions of fans. See what they are up to for their next film in Hands of Fate


Play with your food! Food Font

Is it odd that I just really want a real bacon font or maybe some chinese beef noodle font or better yet some tapas type or calamari calligraphy. You get the point. I fell in love with this different, creative and joyful project. Find out more on their page. And please share it out. They only have about ten days left.

The Elevation Dock Arrived!

Continue the referrals

Flurry’s pick will be taking a break while I travel in Asia till the 9th. Until then please keep sending me projects that interest you. Again I depend of referrals as much as my own finds. So far it has been really cool to see the projects highlighted here succeed. So look for the posts to commence Monday August 13th. Until then keep inventing and creating and finding others to support.

Olloclip: a changing marketplace

It was inevitable. Products that started as Kickstarter projects are now showing up on store shelves and intersecting our consumer world.

A couple of months ago I cut out an article on iPhone lenses I found in Wired Magazine.  Wired’s top choice was the Olloclip. When I ordered mine I was thrilled to find out that Olloclip was a successful Kickstarter from 2011.

And as my own product review, Olloclip is everything I hoped it would be. I love taking creative shots with my iPhone and this little addition has opened up so many more opportunities with the 3 lense configuration (wide-angle, fish-eye and macro). See below for some initial macro shots I have done.



A First Robotics Memorabilia Card Deck

I had the opportunity to be a VIP at the Oregon First Robotics competition held in Portland, Oregon earlier this spring. Our company is partnering with them in some innovative ways to raise awareness and funds. I was so impressed by the kids competing as we toured the staging areas. Each team we met was extremely professional. These kids have everything they need to succeed.  The card deck idea is a great idea for anyone involved from parents, mentors or participants to remember all the fun, learning, and growth that leads to their successes.

Find out all about the project on the Kickstarter page. (I am hoping a video is included soon…hint hint)

Great assets go a long way: Telikos Protocol

This project has great art, story, and it is all delivered well in the kickstarter video. Telikos Protocal first caught my eye with their still image (one of the most important aspects of a successful launch).  I found them on the featured page but what  made me click through and eventually back was their pitch and compelling storyline.

Find out more on the Telikos Protocol Kickstarter page.   And follow them at @telikosprotocol.


Wood Wallet / Money clip & how I find these projects

So you may be wondering how I am finding these projects to highlight. The answer is you! Yes, most of my posts come from the projects my friends back as well as ones shared with me through connections. It does not mean I will write about each of them. The chances are high because my friends are an incredible collection of innovative folks themselves. I also will be highlighting projects some of them hopefully will start. Probably the least favorite method is scanning the latest projects. Why is this my least favorite? For the most part the projects are boring and lifeless. But then again that is why I started Flurry’s Pick, so you wouldn’t have to look far for your next investment.

So today’s pick is one backed by my good friends Justin and Jon of Catalytix. Innovative wallets are something I love. My personal favorite is the ID Wallet by Saddleback. I think it will be the last wallet I will ever buy. The Wood Wallet by I Want Proof is both innovative and fun.

Find out more about the Wood Wallet on their Kickstarter page

Kinder Bard: Music, Shakespeare and passion

I met Daeshin Kim as a fellow blogger through the Happy Birthday Shakespeare project.  We had both blogged about the impact the Bard’s works have had on us. Daeshin though has taken that passion to a much greater level. As a parent and a tech evangelist I was instantly intrigued by Kim’s Kickstarter. Having worked on a unique children’s iPad book myself, I know how much work goes into something like this. Here is to hoping Kinder Bard makes it’s goal.

Find out more on Kinder Bard’s Kickstart page as well as their home page.

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