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Pressgram: An Image Sharing App Built for an Independent Web

I first met John Saddington when we co-spoke at one of Leonard Sweet’s Alumni Advances for George Fox Evangelical Seminary. He is a dynamic innovator and leader. I attribute my addiction to WordPress to John’s work.

A while ago John left Facebook, which actually really bummed me out. Then he ditched Instagram. I understood why but I missed seeing his posts on both social networks. Well John missed it too. He wanted something cooler that would allow posting directly to the homebase (blog, website, or other main site of the users choice). This week he launched that plan through Kickstarter. Watch John’s video to get the whole scoop. I think his app is great and a needed tool for those who don’t want to leave the tribe growing to another service that will ultimately be in control of their content.

The count down: Try iOS: iPhone App Development Course

Yesterday I was cruising round Kickstarter looking for something to feature and I came across Try iOS: iPhone App Development Course.  This is a really cool project that has now been successfully funded (in a big way). They are going to make an iOS development course that is both stylish and useful to the masses. I really liked their message delivery. I would watch these guys for future projects as well. I think they will not only deliver the current promise but many more in the future.

What really was fun though was that the very moment I checked their page out the project was in the final moments of the funding period.  This meant that Kickstarter went from minutes left to an actual second count down in real time on the page. I gathered my co-conspirators in the Soma Games/Code-Monkey shop together and we watched it tick away like the launch of an Apollo mission.

This illustrates the very frontier, exploration, and entrepreneurial spirit of Kickstarter. We get to as a community cheer on and celebrate with those that succeed as well as grieve, cry and critic those that don’t. And I love it for that.


Public Lab DIY Spectrometry Kit

The Public Lab DIY Spectrometry Kit caught my eye as I scanned recently launched projects this morning. About a year and a half ago I chose to leave science as a professional study. Being a conservation biologist for about 15 years, starting as a field tech for the USDA Forest Service in 1997, I still geek out on anything that sparks that deep desire to both understand the natural world and protect it from further destruction at the hands of humans.

For many of those years I spent most of my week working on either the coastal streams or estuaries of Oregon. I would often come across polluted waters. I had access to expensive tools that allowed me to tell what pollutants were present. The public though does not have access to these kinds of tools. As a dad, I find projects like this mind-blowing. When the Deepwater Horizon  Spill was first happening the Gulf of Mexico my son helped my colleagues and I tract the spread of oil using satellite imagery and a tool we developed called Data Basin. I can’t wait to test materials with my kids with the DIY Spectrometry Kit. Check the project out today.



Anyone who knows me knows that I love using Instagram and seeing what friends are seeing through their own lenses through the platform. So my radar went crazy when I saw that friends AJ Leon and Jeff Sass had both backed Instacube.

I will be grabbing one of these!

Oh and if you have not seen it yet, check out my review of the most excellent Elevation Dock.

The Elevation Dock Arrived!

Just because it is fun to watch: OUYA

As promised I get my picks often based on friend referrals. And this one is full of controversy. My film making friend Sean Brown shared this crazy story with me while we were planning a Kickstarter film this morning. Then my lead programmer Gavin Nichols mentioned it too. $3,000,000 and counting with 28 days to go. Wow!

Kotaku has a great summation of the challenge they face even with $3 million and counting. Kickstarter has given us a whole new world indeed.

Trioh! The world’s most beautiful flashlight

This morning Nat Iwata shared on Facebook a project on Kickstarter aimed at creating a product I have been looking for and from a person located near me in Portland, Oregon. How many of us have had the lights go out leaving us in the pitch dark? Greg Hinzmann is not only solving that problem but is making a flashlight that won’t be lost in your drawer or end up in your hand powerless from dead batteries. Greg has been designing products for some of the greatest brands today but now wants to bring his own to market.

Find out more on Greg’s Kickstarter Trioh! page.

tPOD1 – thermoelectric Power On Demand

And there was light and thanks to Nat Iwata for shedding light on this Kickstarter. Recently we had a power outage that lasted almost all night. While we had candles and plenty of battery powered flashlights I can only imagine how old it would get if we went without power for longer. Beyond the practicality I really like the simple approach of the tPOD1 team in presenting their product and pitch.

You can find out more on the tPOD1 – thermoelectric Power On Demand Kickstarter page.

Kinder Bard: Music, Shakespeare and passion

I met Daeshin Kim as a fellow blogger through the Happy Birthday Shakespeare project.  We had both blogged about the impact the Bard’s works have had on us. Daeshin though has taken that passion to a much greater level. As a parent and a tech evangelist I was instantly intrigued by Kim’s Kickstarter. Having worked on a unique children’s iPad book myself, I know how much work goes into something like this. Here is to hoping Kinder Bard makes it’s goal.

Find out more on Kinder Bard’s Kickstart page as well as their home page.

The Kinkajou Bottle Cutter

Ok, I instantly fell in love with this project because I’m a micro brew nut. Plus living in the NW United States I have the opportunity to enjoy plenty of them. I also live in the heart of wine country. Having all these great beverage crafts nearby means I also have many bottles. Seeing Patrick’s glass collection made me want to make mine and even give some away to friends who share my passion.

So say no to boring drink glasses.

Find out more at Patrick’s Kickstarter page and at