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Two Left Feet: Learning to dance to learn about everything else

It has been a while since my last pick. Why? Well after backing 42 Kickstarters in 8 categories I had to take a break and meet some personal finance goals. Also with a limited backing spend I have become more discerning when picking my recommendations. But this latest pick got me inspired to once again scan for great projects.

A quick disclaimer. This project was launched by my wonderful niece, Heather Walters. Now that you know that, also know she is an incredible actor, artist, writer and risk taker. And I can tell you she ships the projects she starts.

When I look at a project to back I ask a few key questions. Here are a few.

  • Does their project evoke inspiration for others to self-publish, innovate, create art, make a life change, take a risk?
  • Have they already showed proof they can deliver (previous successful projects, shown promise in their craft already?
  • Do they have a tribe of believers behind them?

Heather meets all of them.

Ok, one last note before you go. I love Heather’s subject, learning dancing for the mere purpose of finding what the art can show her about life. I recently wrote a post called White-Washing the Canvas. In the post I urge others to do art for art sake. Do it to share beauty, learn more about life, explore and risk. Her book project fits that message so well. Personally I want to read it. You will too.



Pressgram: An Image Sharing App Built for an Independent Web

I first met John Saddington when we co-spoke at one of Leonard Sweet’s Alumni Advances for George Fox Evangelical Seminary. He is a dynamic innovator and leader. I attribute my addiction to WordPress to John’s work.

A while ago John left Facebook, which actually really bummed me out. Then he ditched Instagram. I understood why but I missed seeing his posts on both social networks. Well John missed it too. He wanted something cooler that would allow posting directly to the homebase (blog, website, or other main site of the users choice). This week he launched that plan through Kickstarter. Watch John’s video to get the whole scoop. I think his app is great and a needed tool for those who don’t want to leave the tribe growing to another service that will ultimately be in control of their content.

The Leap Year Project

I backed this project early on. Victor Saad’s passion came through so strikingly in the video as well as his mission to highlight people around the world doing amazing things and “taking risks to create change”. I instantly connected with his plan, having been through a few transitions myself in my pursuit to find what change I can offer the world. So go check out this great project and help bring this one home. It only has a short time left and so little to go. Here is to seeing it successful come Thursday night.

Only hours to go: Animals From History

This morning I was thinking a lot about Kickstarter projects that come close to funding but never get that push over the top. Seth Godin in his latest post on The Domino Project talks about how we vote for winners. If they fail our money never gets withdrawn. I back projects based on appearance (did they pitch well), their capability to deliver what they promise and of course ones that are making a product I really want.

Today’s pick found via Nat Iwata’s Tweet (Thanks Nat) is one I really hope makes that final push in the remaining hours. Christina Hess has proven she can paint the animals she will publish and her pitch is solid. Plus the Braveheart dog just rocks.

Find out more on her Kickstarter page for Animals From History

Great assets go a long way: Telikos Protocol

This project has great art, story, and it is all delivered well in the kickstarter video. Telikos Protocal first caught my eye with their still image (one of the most important aspects of a successful launch).  I found them on the featured page but what  made me click through and eventually back was their pitch and compelling storyline.

Find out more on the Telikos Protocol Kickstarter page.   And follow them at @telikosprotocol.


Steampunk Alphabet from Nat Iwata

This feature is one I have been wanting to talk about for a while. At first it was secret and I had to be gagged. I also need to give a small disclaimer. Nat is one of my best friends as well as a co-director at Soma Games & Code-Monkeys (he is our art director).

He is one of those creatives that amazes us with artistic skills any time they take up pen, brush or stylus. I delight in every new creation he makes, be it a user interface texture or a space-ship.

Nat told me about his other project first and I was actually surprised to find out that he had this one up his sleeve.

Nat also has taken to social business extremely well, even scoring an interview on Krypton Radio. He finally understands what my job entails in communications and social media. I have to say though that he comes to it naturally. He is a real pro when it comes to the thank you economy.

Right now Nat is over the hump having gained more than half his funding with 16 days still left to go.


Ok, I will stop blabbing and let you check out Nat’s incredible art (and wit).

You can engage with him on twitter at @natiwata and on his website

The First Wish of My Heart …and more children’s books

One category that I keep my eye on in Kickstarter is children’s books. Primarily because I love children’s books. Raising my kiddos I have enjoyed reading great titles as much as they have.

Over the last few weeks I have seen several projects surface that warrant attention. Here are just a few. Oh and one that I featured earlier has reached “funded” state, Kinder Bard: Music, Shakespeare and passion. Way to go!

Dandelion – “Bullying is for people with no imagination…”


The First Wish of My Heart

Kinder Bard: Music, Shakespeare and passion

I met Daeshin Kim as a fellow blogger through the Happy Birthday Shakespeare project.  We had both blogged about the impact the Bard’s works have had on us. Daeshin though has taken that passion to a much greater level. As a parent and a tech evangelist I was instantly intrigued by Kim’s Kickstarter. Having worked on a unique children’s iPad book myself, I know how much work goes into something like this. Here is to hoping Kinder Bard makes it’s goal.

Find out more on Kinder Bard’s Kickstart page as well as their home page.