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Catfish Sandwich: A new album from Michelle and Barry

I met the Pattersons about 4 years ago while visiting my friend Jon in Colorado. It is kind of funny because I met Barry first while sipping coffee in Jon’s kitchen and then later Michelle when we stopped by to help her move furniture in their mountain cabin. I remember that last one the most because of their basset hound on the porch. He had discovered that the medical cone he had to wear at the time made for an amazing amplifier. He stood on the porch broadcasting his houndisms across the mountain valley.

The Pattersons are super talented musicians and a deep hearted couple. Their music really shows both. You can find out more on the Catfish Sandwich project page. Oh and this makes my first music backing. I am trying to fill out the Kickstarter pie. So if you know of any projects in Art, Photography, Dance, Theater or Fashion that need some attention, please send them my way. I can’t guarantee I will love them but at least I will have some choices. Thanks for stopping by.

The Harvard Fellow: one success follows another

Confidence plays a big role in how I not only pick a project here but even more so when I fund one. Confidence is evident in a project when we can see that the parties involved have succeeded before. The pitch is so much easier when something says, “hey I did this and it went really well”.

This morning I was scanning twitter for mentions of @KickStarter and came across The Harvard Fellows Documentary project. Having succeeded in making a successful documentary, Kenneth Price sets out to make another. This time he will follow the Hip-Hop artist 9th wonder as he teaches a year at Harvard.

Find out more at Harvard Fellows Kickstarter page.

Kinder Bard: Music, Shakespeare and passion

I met Daeshin Kim as a fellow blogger through the Happy Birthday Shakespeare project.  We had both blogged about the impact the Bard’s works have had on us. Daeshin though has taken that passion to a much greater level. As a parent and a tech evangelist I was instantly intrigued by Kim’s Kickstarter. Having worked on a unique children’s iPad book myself, I know how much work goes into something like this. Here is to hoping Kinder Bard makes it’s goal.

Find out more on Kinder Bard’s Kickstart page as well as their home page.