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Hirelings: The Ascent

I depend on Gavin Nichols for my day to day “what is hot in gaming news”. Gavin is currently the lead programmer on our latest game Wind Up Football. For nearly two years now Gavin has been my Obi-Wan in the game industry. In the ever changing atmosphere where I have to keep up on the latest gadgets, games and nuances, Gavin comes through with what I really need to be paying attention to. You can find him on twitter at @radiago.

Yesterday Gavin skyped me a link to Hirelings. The video is hilarious and the game concept is brilliant. I just finished reading The Princess Bride with my family and my favorite characters have to be the two hirelings Fezzik and Inigo. The Game Hirelings takes your favorite sherpas of the gaming world and makes them into the focus of a great game. They only have 9 days left so get in on the action while you can.

Planetary Annihilation-Incredible

Continuing with Gamers Week, my lead programmer, John McGlothlan showed me an incredible game project, Planetary Annihilation by Uber Entertainment Inc. I want to play this game so much! Here is why.

First, I love the rolling world interface. I have seen this in a few tower games and if game-play is anything like the mock-ups I think this will be a perfect fit for the genre. Second, I am a total Mechwarrior nut. The battles look like they take plenty from the best of MW. Last but not least I really like the team Uber.

So now the wait. I have no doubt these guys will deliver a remarkable game.

I believe it enough that I backed it myself.

Oh and thanks for the incredible response on our own game Kickstarter campaign. Keep the love coming.

The Directorate – We Launched

I think by now you know why I decided to make this week Gamers Week.

I have been working alongside an amazing creative team to launch a Kickstarter campaign and today we submitted on time. I have to tell you it is really cool to finally be on the other side of the process. I love featuring great projects and seeing the drama unfold, but it is so different to finally press go and see all your hard work go live. (we started the video, website and other materials in earlier this year).

Ok, enough of that. This is The Directorate. Please check it out, share it and help us reach our funding goal.

The Gamers Hands of Fate

This week is gamers week. I am from time to time going to feature specific categories from Kickstarter. And by that I mean I will at one time or another feature every category….even dance.

Ok, back to this weeks feature.

This is a great project that has so many incredible gamer community elements. The Gamers series started as just a college project but now has millions of fans. See what they are up to for their next film in Hands of Fate


Knock-knock by Ice-Pick Lodge

Today I was looking specifically for a video game project to highlight.  I get to see many game ideas come and go since I am a game developer myself. We get pitches everyday.

As I searched, one caught my attention mainly because I loved the art. The project is filled with mystery, great art and a compelling story that just touches on enough of the theme to make you want more.  I really liked how the studio highlighted everyone in their shop in the video and used them to express some element of the game they are working on.

Of course I have been thinking way more about these things than most because next Wednesday my team at Code-Monkeys will be launching our own game Kickstarter. I will post more on that next week. In the meantime you can see our “making of” video we shot while shooting the cinematic portion of our Kickstarter video.

Check out  Knock-knock and see what they are making.

Just because it is fun to watch: OUYA

As promised I get my picks often based on friend referrals. And this one is full of controversy. My film making friend Sean Brown shared this crazy story with me while we were planning a Kickstarter film this morning. Then my lead programmer Gavin Nichols mentioned it too. $3,000,000 and counting with 28 days to go. Wow!

Kotaku has a great summation of the challenge they face even with $3 million and counting. Kickstarter has given us a whole new world indeed.