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BAKING ALASKA almost done

Today I did not have to look far to find a project to feature. In the Kickstarter’s Recently Launched page I found Kari Barber’s film project, BAKING ALASKA. It is a documentary about two sisters who fulfill their dream of opening a bakery in Alaska.

First, the storyline is one I love. My mom and stepdad in 1983 went to Alaska to fulfill a life long dream to both live and run a business there. Watching Kari’s footage and pitch brought back many great memories of their adventures and the stories they would tell me via letters. Among many stories I loved the one about a grizzly bear trying to break into the stockroom/bedroom in the back of the pizza parlor.

BAKING ALASKA evokes that desire in all of us to follow our dreams. I backed Kari because I want to see the film finished. I want to see how the story unfolds.

The Gamers Hands of Fate

This week is gamers week. I am from time to time going to feature specific categories from Kickstarter. And by that I mean I will at one time or another feature every category….even dance.

Ok, back to this weeks feature.

This is a great project that has so many incredible gamer community elements. The Gamers series started as just a college project but now has millions of fans. See what they are up to for their next film in Hands of Fate


Don’t Waste People by Julia Waterhous

Julia is trying to change her world. Part of her world since studying abroad is New Delhi, India. It looks like she will meet her Kickstarter goal but I’d like to see her reach over 100% funding. Documentaries can be spendy and filming one overseas can raise the bar even higher. I hope to see this film reach my local public television station and ultimately help Julia change lives.


I’m Fine,Thanks by Crank Tank Studios

As promised, I find remarkable projects through you my tribe. Jon Dale and Justin Lukasavige sent me a note when I launched Flurry’s Pick saying I should highlight I’m Fine, Thanks by Crank Tank Studio. I planned to but some other ones were stacking up, ones that need some immediate attention. Then one by one my friends started backing it. I finally got around to watching the trailer. Wow! So much of my story in there. So with only a few hours left and all their backing goals made, I am still highlighting as well as backing them because I think they are a great example of the power of crowd funding. Way to go guys!

Find out more on their Kickstarter page

The Harvard Fellow: one success follows another

Confidence plays a big role in how I not only pick a project here but even more so when I fund one. Confidence is evident in a project when we can see that the parties involved have succeeded before. The pitch is so much easier when something says, “hey I did this and it went really well”.

This morning I was scanning twitter for mentions of @KickStarter and came across The Harvard Fellows Documentary project. Having succeeded in making a successful documentary, Kenneth Price sets out to make another. This time he will follow the Hip-Hop artist 9th wonder as he teaches a year at Harvard.

Find out more at Harvard Fellows Kickstarter page.

Mustang Magic Film: Think friday night lights meets dead poets

After searching this morning (and I will be honest here. There is a lot of “not so great”), I ran across a film that I would love to see. It feels like part Dead Poets society and Hoosiers. Mustang Magic documents both the elements and story of a time when a small town high school basketball team both brought together and inspired a small town community. Now, anyone who knows me knows that I was not a team sports guy growing up. I was the guy you picked to confuse the other team with my clumsiness. But sports films like Money Ball and Friday Night Lights have facinated and moved me over the years. I think this team has what it takes to tell a compelling story and add to that legacy.

Read a watch more on the Mustang Madness Kickstarter page.

Oh and just a note to kickstarters. If you don’t have a video on your page It is unlikely I will notice you. It is a good chance others won’t either.

Film: My Father is a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Iv’e allways been a fan of quirky films but this line caught my attention “a comedic drama about the struggles of a young man who thinks he’s been given the worst lot in life, but has a lot to learn.” Boy, couldn’t that be any of our stories.

This short film showing the “test” of the full feature film was good enough to win an award in and of itself. I believe that talented Mr. Philip Heinrich can pull it off.

Check out the Kickstarter site and see for yourself.

Tropes vs. Women in Video Games: Funded and above!

So, yes this project by Anita Sarkeesian has been funded (and lets just say a bit beyond what she asked for, wow). First, I am a video game developer, so I of course I would pick this project. But really all of us should be watching Anita’s work. As a dad and husband I am continually disturbed by how our so-called modern society perpetuates sexist and misogynous portrayals of women in the media. Anita has done a great job exposing this in the popular media and no plans to take that into video games. Find out about her other projects and look forward to Tropes vs. Women in Video Games.