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I DRAW COMICS Sketchbook & Reference Guide

This one came to my attention because my friend Jon Dale chose to back it. If you you have not started using the community tools in Kickstarter, I highly recommend diving in. It is a great way to find good projects to back (that is if your community picks good ones like mine does).

I draw a lot with my kids. As an artist I am always trying to draw new things and learn new techniques. Matt Marrocco’s last Kickstarter project focused on drawing car design and ended up being very successful. This ones takes the artist into the world of comics.




Find out more on the I DRAW COMICS Kick-starter page.


Trioh! The world’s most beautiful flashlight

This morning Nat Iwata shared on Facebook a project on Kickstarter aimed at creating a product I have been looking for and from a person located near me in Portland, Oregon. How many of us have had the lights go out leaving us in the pitch dark? Greg Hinzmann is not only solving that problem but is making a flashlight that won’t be lost in your drawer or end up in your hand powerless from dead batteries. Greg has been designing products for some of the greatest brands today but now wants to bring his own to market.

Find out more on Greg’s Kickstarter Trioh! page.

tPOD1 – thermoelectric Power On Demand

And there was light and thanks to Nat Iwata for shedding light on this Kickstarter. Recently we had a power outage that lasted almost all night. While we had candles and plenty of battery powered flashlights I can only imagine how old it would get if we went without power for longer. Beyond the practicality I really like the simple approach of the tPOD1 team in presenting their product and pitch.

You can find out more on the tPOD1 – thermoelectric Power On Demand Kickstarter page.