BAKING ALASKA almost done

Today I did not have to look far to find a project to feature. In the Kickstarter’s Recently Launched page I found Kari Barber’s film project, BAKING ALASKA. It is a documentary about two sisters who fulfill their dream of opening a bakery in Alaska.

First, the storyline is one I love. My mom and stepdad in 1983 went to Alaska to fulfill a life long dream to both live and run a business there. Watching Kari’s footage and pitch brought back many great memories of their adventures and the stories they would tell me via letters. Among many stories I loved the one about a grizzly bear trying to break into the stockroom/bedroom in the back of the pizza parlor.

BAKING ALASKA evokes that desire in all of us to follow our dreams. I backed Kari because I want to see the film finished. I want to see how the story unfolds.