Archive - March, 2013

Starting right: Our Bar On Kickstarter

I have this issue. I cannot go into a bar, restaurant or resort without seeing blindspots as well as bright spots. By that I mean areas where the owners are taking advantage or missing golden opportunities to connect with customers and deliver something truly remarkable. Partly my parents are to blame. I was born into the service industry. And my parents both are experts at it. Food and hospitality are unique in that your customers actually spend a considerable amount of time in your business. That translates to your service leaving a lasting great or horrible impression.

This morning Kickstarter featured a local Portland area (Washougal, Wa) highlight that I fell in love with. Kevin Credelle & Alex Yost are starting something with both the intent and delivery that I believe will make them succeed. If you are curious, please go watch the Our Bar video and try to see why I say this.

Recently I started watching Bar Rescue. It is a crazy look at some of the worst failing establishments in the world. I don’t completely agree with the host’s yelling but he is spot on with every tweak he makes to help the owners turn around their businesses. I think he would smile at Kevin and Alex’s plans. I can’t wait to share a pint with friends when they open their door.

Pressgram: An Image Sharing App Built for an Independent Web

I first met John Saddington when we co-spoke at one of Leonard Sweet’s Alumni Advances for George Fox Evangelical Seminary. He is a dynamic innovator and leader. I attribute my addiction to WordPress to John’s work.

A while ago John left Facebook, which actually really bummed me out. Then he ditched Instagram. I understood why but I missed seeing his posts on both social networks. Well John missed it too. He wanted something cooler that would allow posting directly to the homebase (blog, website, or other main site of the users choice). This week he launched that plan through Kickstarter. Watch John’s video to get the whole scoop. I think his app is great and a needed tool for those who don’t want to leave the tribe growing to another service that will ultimately be in control of their content.